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2009-07-15 12:31:42 by bandage5

hello I am bandage5 I am a beginner flash animator and new to newsgrounds.could some one help me.I have tried to upload a windows audio file(made in sound recorder) and it says one or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them.If anyone knows why please post a comment to this post.

thank you


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2009-07-15 12:38:28



2009-11-30 19:37:46

Newgrounds only accepts .swf file's made by flash. But you probabley know that already. Anyways keep at it people on newgrounds can be harsh sometimes just ignore comments that have no constructive critisim ^_^.


2010-01-22 14:44:40

yeh, welcome... hey and if u r really new you should respond to good comments damn T_T


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